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Why Mailee?

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About Mailee

Do I need to pay for Mailee?

No, Mailee's core features will always be 100% free. We provide Mailee to mask your private email address with a beautiful domain.

Why is Mailee free?

Our domain costed us around $300, but we paid that price because we believe in user privacy and data consent. With Mailee, there's no tricky terms of service or privacy policy to understand. We focus on one thing, and that's you.

Is my data safe?

We will never trade your email to any third parties. In fact, we can't even see your email as it's encrypted in our system. The information and accuracy on this website is subject to regulations set by our governing parent company, McCrudden Innvovations LP.
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1318 N Main St #1018, Summerville SC 29483 USA

Using the API

There is a one-time $5 fee to use the API. If you aren't happy within 14 days of paying, you can get a full refund. Documentation below:
Base URI: Auth query: ?key=API_KEY_HERE

More coming soon ✧・゚: *

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